Dear Clients,

June 26th, 2015 was a historic day of powerful change in my life personally and professionally.  My marriage to my husband of 14 years was recognized nationally to my great joy and my business association with Rosael Carreras Morris ended, to much sadness.  Additionally, until the June 26th SCOTUS ruling, it was unclear if my marriage would be recognized by all 50 state tax departments with which I file tax returns.  Due to the SCOTUS ruling, it is with great pleasure that I will now use my legal last name of “Hollingsworth”  in addition to my professional last name of “Robinson” in my solo tax practice.

You may have recently received an multiple emails from Rosael Carreras Morris announcing that the small business corporation, D&RTaxguys, Inc.,  that I entered into with her 9 years ago was dissolving and been somewhat confused by lack the lack of information given as to how to get in touch with me.

More than 25 years ago I began preparing tax returns out of my home for many of my fellow actors and artist friends as Don Robinson, CPA.  That was back in the day that we were all amazed at the new-fangled technology known as “email” and I became known as DrTaxguy via my email address.  You can still use that email address today!  Over the years my practice grew, I brought on Rosael to assist me and ultimately become my business associate 9 years ago when  I agreed to add an “s” and “&” to DrTaxguy and reincorporated our “mom and pop” shop into D & R Taxguys.

So, unfortunately “mom and pop” are divorcing. Over the next several months we will be working with our attorneys to distribute whatever assets we have and rebuild our separate practices.  My NYC office opens on August 3rd, 2015.  In addition, I will split my time by also seeing clients in my newly renovated carriage house complete with flower garden which is one of my passions.  This is located behind my rowhome 4 blocks from the Grove Street Path Station in Jersey City complete with free parking in my driveway for my many NJ clients!  Off tax season, most likely only a few days a week in NYC along with Jersey City as needed.  At this point I’m exploring options to serve all my clients in their various locations and appreciate your feedback as to what would work best for you.

I am committed to returning to the simplicity of my early solo practice with clients where I had more one on one time with each individual and then locking up shop to be home in time for dinner with my family (below).

If you wish to continue working with me and have a CPA involved in preparing your Tax Returns, I would like to continue working for you.  Please contact me at Don@Drtaxguy.com  - no “s” lol.

Click here for instructions on how to request a smooth transition of your files to me at DrTaxGuy