All you need to do is click on the Excel file you want below and download (SAVE) it to your computer’s harddrive.  Just remember which folder you saved it in so you can call it up once you open your Excel or Excel-compatible Spreadsheet Program (OpenOffice, GoogleSheets...).  If you get a message that the file has links to be updated, you should not update.  We suggest that you save your copy of our file  with your name immediately in front of the file name... ie for me it would be:

“2018_Tax Worksheet_MFJ_V1_Web.xlsm” becomes

 “Don Robinson Hollingsworth 2018 Tax Worksheet”

Now you are ready to download our Excel Worbook!

Click here to access the Excel 2018 Workbook Download Page.


NOTE: We strive to have all returns completed approximately 2 weeks after your appointment.  Please understand that if you are missing information at the time of your appointment with Don that it may require additional time to process your return.  In this circumstance, Don must fit additional time into his booked schedule to create another estimate of your return that was already done during your appointment to compare against the final approved return.  The more missing information at your appointment, the longer is the possibility of delay of pickup to create such an estimate.  We ask that you be patient with the completion of your return in these instances that are beyond our control.



Instructions for Workbook to Download