If you are a continuing client with Don, you are most likely familiar with the process of downloading our Excel workbook, saving it to your hard drive, and emailing it to our office before your appointment.  You know what to do!  Download the appropriate file for your appointment by clicking on one of the links below - be sure and check your download folder if you don’t know where your computer downloads the file:

2019 Calendar Tax Year Workbooks:


If you would rather us email you our workbook, please request that from Admin@drtaxguy.com


Single, MFS or HOH Excel Workbook

Married Excel Workbook

Business Workbook - a Partnership or S Corporation Return


NEW- Click here to find out more about Secure File Sharing using a DropBox like Feature, SMARTVAULT, to securely share information with us rather than using email

When your Worksheet is completed, please EMAIL the Excel file to us by attaching the SAVED file to your email.   Please send your email to

If you DO NOT get an email confirming our receipt  of your Tax Spreadsheet, please call our office to confirm receipt!

Please ALSO either print a HARD COPY of your completed and saved worksheet to bring to your appointment OR send a pdf version to your email that we can access from your email account in our office just in case the Excel file you send us is corrupt.  Also bring along with you all of your “Important Tax Documents” such as W-2s, 1099s and investment forms unless we already have them in your SmaultVault account.

NOTE:  By placing an X to the left of the occupation that corresponds to the occupation for which you have the most expenses you populate your Worksheet expense page.   So if you are a Waiter/Actor,  you would choose Actor and NOT put an X to the left of both occupations.

For more instructions click here:

Click below for Pre-2019 year Workbook

Pre-2019 Workbooks


NOTE: We strive to have all returns completed approximately 2 weeks after your appointment.  Please understand that if you are missing information at the time of your appointment with Don that it may require additional time to process your return.  In this circumstance, Don must fit additional time into his booked schedule to create another estimate of your return that was already done during your appointment to compare against the final approved return.  The more missing information at your appointment, the longer is the possibility of delay of pickup to create such an estimate.  We ask that you be patient with the completion of your return in these instances that are beyond our control.




2019 Workbook to Download