I’ve listened to you over the years and one of the big complaints has been finding the time to come back into the office to pickup your returns when we’ve already discussed the numbers that will most likely show up on the return during our meeting together.  Thank the stars or to whomever you pray as this propelled us into a decision that prepared us for 2020!

The answer to your requests was, starting 2015 Tax Return Year, we started to deliver your Tax Returns to you via a Dropbox-like account from “SMARTVAULT” that has your personalized folders complete with password protection.  Use this account to deliver important and sensitive documents to us instead of using email so that the security concerns inherent with emails will not be a concern to you.   And...  because of this, we were prepared for a Covid required Pandemic lockdown!!!  Benefits of SmartVault:

Click here to access our login page to your SMARTVAULT Secure File Sharing Vault!


Electronic Tax Return Pickup & Secure File Sharing